Mesmerizing Bridesmaid Make-up for Being a Falling Angel of the Bride

A bridesmaid deserves to feel and look amazing, as they are the wing women and support system for the entire wedding planning whether it is hen party preparation or the wedding-day arrangements. And that is why the wedding party to-do list is incomplete without their makeup and hairstyles. As a bridesmaid, you need to look as rocking and popular as the bride-to-be, so the cameras flashing you and the bride can produce the best and most memorable pictures!

Being a bridesmaid is very exciting, but the makeup of the bridesmaid can be quite tricky. You would want to look at your best and compliment the bride yet you don’t want to be more glamorous than the bride. So, having the most appropriate makeup can be a challenge when you do it yourself. Therefore, it’s best to get it done by the professionals, as makeup hairstyling tricks are required to give you the most natural and stunning look at your friend’s bridal party.

Alongside Shiza Ahmed is her team of extremely skilled makeup and hair stylists, who strive to deliver the services across New Jersey. The primary goal is to highlight the natural radiance of every bridesmaid and bring out their most beautiful self, so, they can be like a falling angel to the bride on the wedding day. At Shiza Ahmed Make-up, the styling artists are well-versed in a broad range of makeup styles and are passionate about making beautiful bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid Hair & Make-up

On the formal affair of your friend’s wedding day, being a bridesmaid, you would not want to wear dramatic makeup that can outshine the bride not you would go for a simple eyeliner and lipstick. In such a case, Shiza Ahmed Make-up is a perfect choice who knows the makeup’s capabilities – highlighting, contouring, and blending. 

We can give you the most beautiful and cohesive look in coordination with the looks of the bride, so, you don’t have a competing look and can get the true colors of being a bridesmaid. Our artists ensure that you are well prepared for the happy tears during the wedding ceremony, as they use high-quality waterproof mascara and eyeliners. Also, we use smudge-proof lip colors so you can enjoy the pouts that will stay through smooches and Champagne toasts!

Bridesmaid Trials

At Shiza Ahmed, we suggest the bridesmaid run a trial prior to the big day, so the makeup style that decides can be finalized as per the wishes and skin requirements. This trial is an opportunity to see and feel the final look of the makeup and how will it appear in the photographs.

In this session, discuss your expectations with our artist and communicate with them your skin tones, likes, and dislikes. You must also discuss your look with the bride and other bridesmaids, so, you do not clash.

You can even make the trial day incorporate into the bridal shower, bachelorette party, or individually – whichever is comfortable for you. 

Get a Unique yet Natural Bridesmaid Makeup Look!

We have the Master Wedding Make-up Artist Shiza Ahmed and Team Make-up and Hair Styling Artists for the bridesmaid who are skilled to give you a stunning look that you’ll always remember.

Have the natural bridesmaid makeup look for not outshining the bride. Book an appointment now by sending us a message or through call and learn more about the costs of bridesmaid makeup and hair services.

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