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We believe in fulfilling all your bridal dreams with a perfect bridal makeover through a service that is highly comforting and homely. We believe that no day is as important as the bride’s wedding day. So she has to look perfect as a bride.

Being a Bride is something intense. How? Indeed, there are such countless things that should be taken care of by one single individual inside a limited ability. With heaps of running feelings, there are plenty of significant things like cosmetics, dresses and adornments that should be figured out way before the special day. Planning the look, makeup, mehndi and everything for all the events for wedding makeover are presumably the most tedious and tiring positions. So indeed, in light of such a huge things to do, brides wind up being restless, particular and grumpy that in different occasions they aren’t. So here Shiza & her team comes in to help you out.

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